Tuesday, 4 February 2014

VirusTotal += AegisLab

We start february welcoming AegisLab as a new file scanning engine working at VirusTotal. AegisLab was already collaborating with us with WebGuard in the URL scanning system. A description from the company about the engine:

"AegisLab’s intelligent virus DNA algorithm extracts the special one-to-many mapping virus signatures. It achieved the much higher detection rate for latest Windows PE and Android APK variant virus. Their scan engine also uses the DNA fast match algorithm and is very suitable for limited resources environment. In native streaming mode, the engine is able to catch the most virus very efficiently from network packets."


  1. I scan all running processes every now and then. Most often it shows 0 detections. Today VT shows 15 detections, all by AegisLab. I assume these are FPs. Anyone else noticing this?

  2. Funny, now not all, but most of these has gone from 1/51 to 0/50. The only change is that AegisLab no longer is one of the antiviruses listed for the scan.
    A comment on this would be appreciated!

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