Tuesday, January 21, 2014

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VirusTotal += Qihoo-360

We welcome Qihoo-360 as a new engine working at VirusTotal. In the words of the company:

"QVM is Qihoo 360’s proprietary technology that detects malware through an artificial-intelligence algorithm capable of machine learning to recognize new forms of malware. QVM technology offers a robust model for recognizing malware characteristics using the massive amount of data that we have compiled on confirmed malware in our blacklist and verified safe programs files in our whitelist. This model is used as a basis for a detection algorithm which is automatically enhanced and updated with new malware samples submitted by our users to our servers.

Program files that do not appear in our blacklist and whitelist are scanned using QVM, and any ''hits'' returned by this technology are presumed to be malicious and removed or quarantined. As malware is constantly being created or morphing, QVM has the advantage of being able to detect threats that have not been previously identified. According to PC Security Labs, an independent security product test organization, QVM has a detection rate of 74.9% for unknown new malware, which surpasses most heuristic detection technologies."