Friday, 7 February 2014

VirusTotal += CRDF France URL scanner

Many of you may already know CRDF because of their contributions in VirusTotal Community, in their own words:
We observe malicious behavior to develop, understand, inform and fight against scourges. The laboratory actively fights against malware, spam and security risks.
Among other projects, CRDF has built its own threat center and they are very active VirusTotal uploaders. Today we are excited to announce that they have taken this collaboration one step further and started sharing their malicious domains dataset with VirusTotal in order to make it work as a URL scanner.

Here is an example of a URL being detected by CRDF:

Welcome on board CRDF!


  1. Os he conocido por un artículo que he leído en, titulado "Los mejores antivirus web gratuitos"
    Por Juan Diego Polo, y tanto el autor como los comentarios dicen que sois los mejores, por eso me he decidido a probar.

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  3. yes I have heard about this virus and several times destroyed my computer. Regards , keerthi Web:

  4. Very excellent move by them.

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