Friday, June 15, 2012

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VirusTotal += Sophos URL scanner

Lately we had been introducing many domain characterization datasets/tools in our URL scanning engine, today we are excited to announce that Sophos' fully-fledged URL filtering solution has become part of VirusTotal and will be characterizing both full URLs and domains.

This is an example of the Sophos output with their malicious test domain, do not forget to refer to the additional information section to see the threat information provided:

The Sophos team describe their solution as follows:
You can connect your computers to our constantly updated list of millions of infected websites, so your users can’t get to them — even when they're outside your gateway protection. And we keep it updated, adding around 40,000 new sites every day. Sophos Live URL Filtering is included in all of our Endpoint products and suites.  
You may read more about it on their web site.

We would like to give Sophos URL scanner a really warm welcome and thank them for allowing us to keep improving VirusTotal!


  1. I wish to scan my computer

  2. Is this Sophos working correctly? I have tested several URLs that the API returns clean while the scan in the site returns a malware only detected by sophos...