Thursday, October 31, 2013

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VirusTotal += RiskAnalytics AutoShun

What is AutoShunAutoShun is a small appliance that protects your network from attacks. Automatically updates itself within minutes to bidirectionally block new threats. One AutoShun device is able to protect an entire site. Configurable whitelist to ensure business partner communications. Ability to block traffic by geographic regions. Reporting on all blocked threats and traffic.
This is the way the RiskAnalytics team describes its AutoShun solution. As you may infer, in order to be able to bidirectionally block threats, AutoShun works (among other technologies and logistics) with a dataset of online threats. From now onward VirusTotal users will also be able to check their submitted URLs against this dataset, which appears in VirusTotal under the name of AutoShun.

Thank you RiskAnalytics!


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