Monday, June 23, 2014

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VirusTotal += FraudSense

We are excited to announce the inclusion of FraudSense as a new URL scanning engine in VirusTotal. FraudSense offers services to automate and enable real-time detection of phishing sites and their targeted brands. They have developed their own in-house phishing detection technology, which they describe as:
Based on cognitive concepts, artificial intelligence and active learning, our innovative technology automates what has traditionally been a labor-intensive process and enables real-time detection of phishing sites and their targeted brands.
Key features include:
0-Day Phishing Detection: Early discovery of new, unreported phishing sites.Brand Recognition: Accurate identification of the targeted brand.Language-Independent: Detection of both English and non-English phishing sites.Self-Sufficient: Independent of community-sponsored blacklists.
FraudSense is exposing its phishing feed to VirusTotal, so that users can check whether a given URL is already in their blacklist and hopefully get yet one more second opinion that will help them in keeping their environments safe.

An example of a URL detected by FraudSense:

Welcome FraudSense!


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