Thursday, February 09, 2017

VirusTotal += Endgame

We welcome the Endgame scanner to VirusTotal. This is a machine learning engine from the US. In the words of the company:

"Endgame is a leading endpoint security platform that enables enterprises to close the protection gap against advanced attacks as well as detect and eliminate entrenched adversaries. Endgame's endpoint security platform leverages a series of layered defenses to prevent, detect and respond to threats through a unified endpoint agent. The IOC-independent platform covers the entire kill chain, leveraging machine learning and behavioral techniques to uncover, in real-time, unique attacks that evade traditional defenses and respond precisely without disrupting normal business operations. The malware detection and prevention capability, integrated in VirusTotal today, represents a key element in this layered defense. The machine learning model exposed in VirusTotal detects never-before-seen malware with high efficacy in an extremely lightweight implementation."

Endgame has expressed its commitment to follow the recommendations of AMTSO and, in compliance with our policy, facilitates this review by SE Labs, an AMTSO-member tester.


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