Friday, October 13, 2017

VirusTotal += TEHTRIS

We welcome eGambit Artificial Intelligence engine scanner to VirusTotal. This module is part of the whole eGambit solution developed by TEHTRIS company, in Bordeaux, France. In the words of the company:

“eGambit, the Cyber Defense Arsenal, was created by the TEHTRIS company. This new take on cybersecurity, proposes unified enhanced technologies : advanced Endpoint Security agents, unlimited SIEM, Honeypots, NIDS, Deep Learning, etc. eGambit offers a worldwide 24/7 Security Threat Monitoring, Breach Assessment and Incident Response Service. In particular, the eGambit Artificial Intelligence engine module, deployed on VirusTotal, fight against unknown Windows malwares such as stealth spywares, ransomwares, keyloggers, viruses, etc.”

TEHTRIS has expressed its commitment to follow the recommendations of AMTSO and, in compliance with our policy, facilitates this review by SKD-LABS, an AMTSO-member tester.


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