Monday, March 25, 2019

VirusTotal += FireEye

We welcome FireEye Endpoint Security to VirusTotal. In the words of the company:

“FireEye Endpoint Security combines the best of legacy security products, enhanced with FireEye technology, expertise and intelligence to defend against today’s cyber-attacks. FireEye uses multiple engines in Endpoint Security to prevent, detect and respond to a threat. To prevent common malware, Endpoint Security uses a signature-based endpoint protection platform (EPP) engine. To find threats for which a signature does not yet exist, MalwareGuard uses machine learning seeded with knowledge from the frontlines of cyber-attacks. To deal with advanced threats, endpoint detection and response (EDR) capabilities are enabled through a behavior-based analytics engine. Finally, a real-time indicator of compromise (IOC) engine that relies on current, frontline intelligence helps find hidden threats. This defense in depth strategy helps protect vital information stored on customer endpoints. The scanner integrated in VirusTotal uses traditional signature and machine learning based engines to provide layered defense against both commodity and advanced zero-day threats.”

FireEye has expressed its commitment to follow the recommendations of AMTSO and, in compliance with our policy, facilitates this review by AV-TEST, an AMTSO-member tester.


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