Thursday, June 06, 2019

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VirusTotal += Segasec URL scanner

We have added Segasec to the assortment of URL scanners on VirusTotal. You can find the results when scanning a URL at

In their own words:

Segasec is a Tel-Aviv based cyber-security startup providing end-to-end digital threat protection against consumer phishing attacks that originate in your blind spot - beyond the enterprise perimeter. Segasec’s patent-pending technology provides intelligence of upcoming attacks at the earliest possible preparation stages, running quadrillions of targeted scans that identify even unknown attack patterns. Segasec blocks compromised assets before they become a live risk, because once customer trust is broken, it’s already too late.

If you ask our customers what made them pick us over the competition, this is what they say -  End-to-end solution, in an entirely managed service. Early, proactive detection, both for brand and non-brand related threats. Fast and efficient block and take down, in under 3 hours.   Zero integration and fast onboarding .

If you would like to see a few example detections, checkout these reports:


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