Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Introducing VirusTotal MSSP Program: Differentiate and become indispensable with preventive capabilities

Today we are excited to announce our VirusTotal MSSP partner program, providing partners a competitive advantage to differentiate and enrich their security offering with world-class crowdsourced intelligence.

Before we continue, you can find full information of the program on our program website, and we invite you to attend our kick-off webinar next November 17th, 5pm CET.

Now, let’s go into further details on the program.

It seems we can we help

The MDR market is expected to reach $2.2B by 2025. At the same time, and according to market studies, there seems to be an increasing client frustration coming from MSSPs providing suboptimal services that do not cover their customers’ main needs. Moreover, end-clients are also more likely to consolidate services with a single provider, meaning that failure to address certain use cases results in lost accounts. Threat Intelligence helps generate preventative capabilities and superior context that MSSPs can leverage to match and exceed customer expectations.

This new program allows MSSPs to integrate the full power of VirusTotal into their offering, supercharging not only their client-facing services, but also their internal operations. As an example, MSSPs can now leverage the VT AUGMENT widget to display VirusTotal advanced context in their offerings in a compliant and revenue-generating manner. 

Palo Alto Networks survey data shows that SOC analysts are only able to handle 14% of alerts generated by security tools, this is even more challenging for MSSP analysts, who have to deal with incidents coming from multiple customer networks. VirusTotal can power alert enrichment for orchestration and automatic triage, resulting in increased productivity and SOC operator efficacy, helping MSSP teams make more accurate decisions, faster. 

A true partnership

VirusTotal has become synonymous with crowdsourced Threat Intelligence. As part of our program, MSSPs can leverage VirusTotal’s brand in their sites, collaterals, research reports, events, etc. Similarly, participants will be featured in our public MSSP partners portal, generating trust and visibility. 

We also invite MSSPs to collaborate on crowdsourcing of {YARA, SIGMA, IDS} rules or other investigations and insights. This is a simple avenue to showcase technical expertise, raise brand awareness and even to attract top talent. 

If you need additional information, please check the dedicated website, kick-off webinar and as usual, feel free to reach out through

Happy hunting!


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