Tuesday, 29 July 2014

VirusTotal += AVware

We welcome BluePex AVware as a new antivirus product at VirusTotal. In the words of the company, it offers special focus on threats from that zone:

“The antivirus AVware is developed in Brazil with focus on regional threats.

Apart from the concern with global malicious artifacts, we have a great effort to capture the artifacts that are taking place in Latin America, for this we have partnerships with financial institutions and governments for sending these samples, our engine also uses signatures and heuristics to detect new threats.”


  1. AVware doesn't even have a website. What kind of AV solution is that? Rogue AV anyone?

  2. It's on the article: http://www.avware.com.br/

  3. Dear,

    This is Ulisses, Chief of BluePex who is proprietary of the AVWare antivírus.

    VIPRE is our partner, but We develop our engine, please check at the link:


    The AVWare website is working now www.avware.com.br

    Thanks for comments and new suggestions ever will be welcome.

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  5. Another good step by "Virus Total".