Tuesday, July 08, 2014

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virustotal += Spam404 URL scanner

Spam404 is a blacklist of abusive domains that engage in shady activities such as scamming, spamming, phishing, etc. As described by its developers:
We are mainly blacklisting websites that are tricking users into completing offers by advertising content that is very desirable but the website doesn't actually have the content and it is just to make the end user complete an offer. From our intense research, these kind of websites are not getting enough attention in terms of blacklisting and we are the only website to offer such a blacklist for these kind of websites but we believe it is in the best interests of all internet users to have these kind of websites blacklisted.
We are also blacklisting other abusive websites including phishing and other kinds of scams.
As of today, Spam404 is producing verdicts for URLs submitted to virustotal, giving yet another notion of maliciousness to users enjoying the service. An example of a Spam404 detection can be found here:

Welcome Spam404 team!


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