Monday, April 29, 2013

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VirusTotal += Kaspersky URL scanner

We are excited to announce that Kaspersky has just joined the club of URL scanners! As many of you know, VirusTotal does not only check files with antivirus solutions, it can also scan Internet sites making use of different malicious URL datasets and URL scanning engines. This functionality is available at:

Kaspersky's latest security suites contain a URL scanning module known as kaspersky URL advisor, which is described by the company as:

The URL scanning module, which is called Kaspersky URL Advisor, is managed by the Web Anti-Virus component from Kaspersky Internet Security 2012. This module checks if links located on the web page belong to the list of suspicious and phishing web addresses from anti-virus databases which you get during anti-virus databases update.
Also Kaspersky URL Advisor uses reputation services from Kaspersky Security Network. Using data from the reputation services, Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 marks links in the web browser, thereby informing you about the possible dangers of this or that website even before you follow the link in question.
Part of this functionality has been very generously made available to VirusTotal in order to perform checks of URLs submitted by our users against their dataset.

This is yet one new URL scanner that joins our family hoping to make the Internet a safer place, if you have a malicious URL dataset or some technology that, given a site is capable of producing a maliciousness verdict, do not hesitate to join the battle.

Thank you, Kasperky team, for making this possible!


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