Friday, 3 May 2013

VirusTotal += Virus Tracker

Just after Kaspersky joining VirusTotal's aggregate URL scanner, we are excited to announce that Virus Tracker is also becoming part of our family:

Virus Tracker is a service whose mission:
is to provide detailed infection statistics, C&C information and an automatically updated domain blocklist of various botnets to the security community.
The site is non-profit and focuses on banking trojans and financial malware, some of the botnets they track are: multibanker, sinowal, tinybanker, urlzone, zeus, ramnit, etc. This is fantastic news for the average end-user, since they will have a better view of the most perilous threats directly targeting their money.

Yet another URL scanner, one more and we will be in the forties, thank you Virus Tracker team!

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