Thursday, October 29, 2020

VirusTotal += Gridinsoft

 We welcome the Gridinsoft engine to VirusTotal. In the words of the company:

“Gridinsoft provides an autonomous multi-layered malware detection engine based on a powerful malware-analyzing laboratory. We combine the most relevant file inspection methods with an effective interaction of our development and analyst teams. They gather threat patterns, classifying and replenishing the database with rising threats. At the same time, the Gridinsoft Scan24 engine fills with new processing patterns. Gridinsoft Antimalware Neural Network (our GANNet) is composed of several modules using deep neural networks to provide high detection rates. All these together give a reliable and consistent result reified as a rapid scanner with minimal impact on resources and no conflict with other software.”

Gridinsoft has expressed its commitment to follow the recommendations of AMTSO and, in compliance with our policy, facilitates this review by NioGuard Security Lab, an AMTSO-member tester.


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