Tuesday, August 10, 2021

A Sneak Peek into VT Alerts

 360-degrees insights into your assets

One of the most sought-after use cases in VirusTotal is to find information about how our assets might be being abused. Is there any attacker using our brand for some spear phishing? Are there any malware samples using our infrastructure for malware distribution? Traditionally, many of our users monitored the use of their assets (such as domains, IPs and intellectual property) using YARA Livehunts © or VTI searches. Good news everyone! To help our users make this use case more straightforward, automated, and automatable (and also to have the results in a colourful and nice interface), we are introducing VT Alerts.

VT Alerts is designed to provide a feed-like experience providing different severity notifications on anything we detected in VirusTotal that matches your infrastructure and intellectual property. 

At launch, VTAlerts will be ready to help our customer monitor Corporate Infrastructure, Phishing attacks, and Brand Impersonation.

And that’s everything we have to say, for now. VTAlerts will be officially launched September 2021, and of course you will have all details here. In the meantime, if you are interested in joining our Beta program, please let us know. 

Happy hunting!


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