Wednesday, October 26, 2022

VirusTotal += Bkav Pro

 We welcome Bkav Pro Internet Security AI AV software by Bkav Corporation to VirusTotal. In their own words:

"Bkav is a leading technology corporation in Vietnam, which operates in cyber security, software, smartphone, smart home and AI camera. In Vietnam, Bkav is among the best-known brands and provides best services. The company is also famous around the world for identifying flaws in well-known products like Google Chrome, Face ID of iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S8 iris recognition, etc. Bkav’s antivirus and mobile security software are present across the world with 86 million of downloads and more than 20 million of users in 234 countries and territories.
Bkav Pro Internet Security AI antivirus software is integrated with cloud computing technology and multi-layer protection to help protect users against all risks on the Internet, remove virus, spyware, protect users' data, bank accounts, etc.”

Here you can find some example detections:


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